Portuguese Pastry Post-Doc: Suspiros

If you are a regular reader of ETW and the Pastry Post-Doc you will surely know that most Portuguese pastries are mainly composed of sugar and egg yolks. However, in a slight twist, suspiros are composed of egg whites and sugar. With these ingredients you can see that suspiros are basically meringues, though they are more artfully named as “sighs” (suspiros means sighs in both Portuguese and Spanish). You can find them in most bakeries and the grocery stores in Lisbon, ranging from tiny to almost disturbingly large. At one Christmas market in Lisbon we managed to find suspiros that were as big as a dinner plate, filled with frosting (as seen below). While, many suspiros are not additionally flavored, we like the chocolate variety (or why not try the strawberry). Suspiros are also popular throughout Latin America with some variations, like the Peruvian Suspiro a la Limeña. However, in the Dominican Republic – suspiro is a type of frosting.


Giant Suspiros at the Campo Pequeno Christmas Market

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