Restaurant Map

Above, you will find all of the restaurants we have written posts about on Eating the World (unfortunately this is not comprehensive of all the restaurants we have ever visited!). We are working backwards to add entries to this map, so stay tuned for updates as we work through our archive. Restaurants and markets are color-coded according to the cuisine they serve/sell (not the country they are in, though those may be the same, of course). Recipes and descriptive articles are not included on this map.

Currently we have a concentration of restaurants in Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Miami, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro though you will find places further afield that correspond to our travels around the world. Chicago is the default view, but be sure to zoom in and out and explore around. Happy Eating!

Color Key:

  • USA / Canada – Gray
  • Mexico – Purple
  • Central America / Caribbean – Yellow
  • South America – Orange
  • Africa- Green
  • Asia – Blue
  • Europe – Red
  • Oceania – Aqua
  • Multicultural – Brown

Additional Notes: If you click on the balloons for each restaurant, information about the restaurant and the link to the ETW blog post will pop up. The information provided is directly pulled from Google Maps and was current as of writing. The ratings and images are provided automatically by Google, not us, so take those with a grain of salt. Addresses were current when we last visited, but some restaurants may have moved or closed since – so be sure to check before you go. Other points may refer to neighborhoods or areas, and therefore may be approximate.