Thai favorites at Duck Walk

Duck Walk
919 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL

The hipsters that the Eaters are, we tend to frequent the Belmont Ave. area on the north side of Chicago. Conveniently tucked away into a small niche mere feet from the Red Line Belmont station’s exit lies the veritable Thai culinary fiesta that is Duck Walk. The actual seating area is small, the bathroom is ungodly tiny, but the food is great. I (M) had the Rama chicken of course, which I say is probably the best I’ve had thus far. The peanut sauce, always the key to a great Rama chicken dish, was excellent: not too spicy, but not too bland, and plenty thick enough to pack the power that normal peanut butter would. The broccoli garnish was very well cooked (most other places tend to dry out their broccoli) and the chicken morsels were very nice, on par with another Eater favorite, Star of Siam.

But Duck Walk added their own special touch – a slice of orange on top of the rice plate provided with the meal. While this may not seem like much, the orange’s flavor and juiciness perfectly complemented the meal, adding an extra dimension to an already fantastic dining experience. And all for just $6.25, a lower price than I’ve found at any other restaurant. Simply excellent! If you are lucky enough to eat there for weekday lunch, an entree and appetizer combo is available for less than six dollars.

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