FTC: Our favorite cheese store in Madison, Fromagination

12 S. Carroll
Madison, WI

For a town with as much cheese fervor as Madison, WI, it’s a surprise there aren’t more cheese stores. However, Fromagination helps tip the balance in the right direction. Located right on Capitol Square, Fromagination is a nice artisanal cheese shop, which also specialized in gourmet spreads, oils, beer and “foodie” gifts. The store is dominated by a big glass deli counter, packed with cheeses. Piled high between the counters are also wheels of hard cheese, and the shelves are packed with gourmet treats. The selection of cheeses is excellent, about 30 American and international cheeses, with special emphasis, of course on Wisconsin varieties. Prices are reasonable, with many varieties at less than$15 a pound. We usually buy our cheeses at the farmer’s market, or at Whole Foods in the off seasons, and Fromagination had all of our favorites from both locales, including Roth Kase’s Gran Queso, Mimolette and Hook’s White Cheddar. They also offer gourmet sandwiches (for $7.50) and a series of cheese-tasting and pairing classes. We’ll definitely be back!


Fromagination by Susie Wyshak

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