Sicilian Pastries in Chicago: Pasticceria Natalina [closed]

Pasticceria Natalina [Closed]
5406 N. Clark
Chicago, IL

pasticceria natalinaItalian bakeries are plentiful, but one that specializes in purely Sicilian creations is unique. This small bakery in Andersonville is well worth a stop, both for its excellent pastries and the scarcity of its offerings. The eaters have been wanting to go to this bakery forever but this is the first time we ever managed to stop in. The store is small and simple, dominated by glass cases of pastries which present a small but eclectic array of choices (We hear they do an excellent cannoli, but by the time we got there, they were all out). When we walked in, we were immediately greeted by the warm and helpful young owner couple, so we felt comfortable asking for some recommendations. We settled on two pastries: Agostino (left) and Crostata di Noci (right).

Agostino was described as a flaky layered pastry (like a sfogliatella) filled with ricotta cream (identical to cannoli filling). The pastry was light and fluffy, and soft enough to absorb all the sweet flavors from the ricotta cream. The crostata di noci (literally “tart of nuts”) was filled with dark chocolate ganache and topped with sugared walnuts. That combination works well together, and this tart made the best of it. When we finished eating, we had a tough time deciding which pastry we liked better – meaning we’ll just have to go back and sample their other creations. If you find yourself in Andersonville even remotely craving a snack, Natalina is definitely worth a stop.

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