2007 ETW Awards

Our 2007 culinary adventure now over, it’s time to take a look back at our “best-of” picks for the past 365 days:

Best Overall Dining Experience
Au Village
86 Avenue Parmentier 75011
Paris, France

Exquisitely prepared, inexpensive Senegalese fare served in a cramped, eclectic, and vibrant environment. It was packed with locals, yet we felt like regulars as soon as we walked through the door. The best dining experience of the year inspired us to create this blog.

Best Service
Rose Tattoo Cafe
19th and Callowhill St.
Philadelphia, PA 19130

The eaters were having a something of a bad day, and decided to give this upscale bistro a try. Our waitress gave us perfect recommendations, attentive service, and by the end of the meal had single-handedly turned our day around. This is the only time M has ever told the management to send his compliments to the waitstaff.

Best Value
Mickie’s Dairy Bar
1511 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711

$5 (cash-only) gets you two huge plate-sized pancakes, one of which is plenty for a single person. L and M go there every time they’re both in Madison, choosing from their favorite varieties: Strawberry pancakes, Chocolate Chip, and Cornmeal. A classic diner that looks much as it did when it opens in the 1950s, we challenge anyone to find a better Saturday breakfast for under $3 per person.

Best Dessert
Canady le Chocolatier
824 S. Wabash
Chicago, IL

Awesome gelatos and cannoli in a convenient south-loop location. And Michael Canady is seemingly always there to greet you with a smile. See our previous post on Canady‘s goodness.

Best Fast Food
Maoz Vegetarian
248 South Street
Philadelphia, PA

This European-based (originally Dutch) vegetarian stop opened its first US branch in Philadelphia, and since has opened two more (another in Philly and one in New York City). The small eatery serves make-your-own falafel pitas with all the toppings, plus the best Belgian fries this side of the Atlantic (Belgian fries are thicker cut and heartier than their smaller French cousins). $6 gets you a great, tasty, five-minute meal – and a definite return trip. They need to open one in Chicago!

Best Snack
Hannah’s Bretzel
180 W. Washington Street
Chicago, IL

We previously called Hannah’s Bretzel a “revelation” – and we meant it. Go here. Take twenty minutes to examine the scores of gourmet chocolates on the wall. Pick one, and judge it by its artistic label. Then go to the counter and order a Farmer Bretzel with a tasty spread, like boursin or nutella. Eat your bretzel, eat your chocolate, and realize the amazing snack/lunch eatery you just discovered.

You’ll thank us later.

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