Return to Pasticceria Natalina [closed]

PasticceriaDosSo We were in Belmont…kind of close to Andersonville (…but not really). Close enough, however, to merit a return trip to Pasticceria Natalina. We visited the Pasticcieria a few weeks ago, and were greatly impressed by the quality of the goods. When we went back, we were greeted with a completely new selection of pastries, many of them being chocolate. There were also awesome almond horn cookies as free samples.

We selected the Tartufi alla Panna and Cannoncini. The tartufi alla panna was a generously-sized cream puff filled with chocolate cream and dusted with cocoa powder and powdered sugar. The pastry shell was light and a little chewy and the cream was delicate and airy. The cannoncini (right) was a flaky cannoli-like pastry covered with chunks of rock sugar and filled with a dark chocolate ganache. Both pastries were delicious, and as chocolate lovers we appreciated the rich, dark chocolate fillings.

Seriously, can this place do any wrong?

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