FTC: Biscoff Cookies

BelgiumBiscoff Belgians are known for their chocolate, but maybe they should be known for their cookies as well. Belgian-made Biscoff cookies are so addictive it is ridiculous. In Belgium they are known as “speculoos” (This site – On Food and Wine – also has an easy recipe).

The only ingredients in the cookies are Flour, Sugar, Oil, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon. Deceptively simple. The cookies are very crisp -almost graham cracker-esque- and taste of cinnamon, but not too strongly. Speculoos are great to eat alone, or, as we have found, to dip in chocolate fondue. Happily, they are pretty easy to find in America – even Walgreen’s has them.


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3 responses to “FTC: Biscoff Cookies

  1. Vinni Daniels

    I had some of these cookies on a Delta flight. The moment I got off the plane I knew that I had to find them so I could eat much more of them.

    Now that I know that they are at Walgreens, I am going over as soon as I finish typing this message.

    Gone to Walgreens to get some Biscoffs / Vinni

  2. Barb

    Walmart carried these until about 2 weeks ago….aren’t they wonderful?

  3. We are certainly obsessed!

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