FTC: Caramels from Dulcelandia in Chicago

colombia.pngMexico FlagDulcelandia is a a chain of Mexican candy stores found across Chicagoland. Today I got my hands on assortment of caramels bought from Dulcelandia (though I have never been), and I am excited to say they were pretty tasty. I can’t wait to go to Dulcelandia myself to get some more sweets. Don’t tell my dentist!Cachitos

  • Ricos Besos: Did I lose a filling? Pure, chewy little chunks of milk caramel from Mexico. The chewiest imaginable.
  • Cachitos: These candies from Mexico were my favorite of the three. Cachitos are swirled chocolate and caramel pinwheels. Bite-sized and perfectly melt-in-your-mouth tasty.
  • Bianchi: Bianchi are little milk caramels with a gooey chocolate center from Colombia. They almost reminded me of a chocolate Werthers.
  • Arequipe: Arequipe is the Colombian word for a dulce de leche. These are from the same company as Bianchi, and have the same outer hard caramel shell with a gooey ducle de leche center.

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