FTC: Wisconsin Cheese Plate – To Spain and Back

Did you know that April is grilled cheese month? Well it is! In honor of this sacred month, the Eaters have compiled a lovely little cheese plate consisting of both Wisconsin-bred and Spanish cheeses (we ❤ Manchego, what can we say), complete with festive flags. We also selected several World Champ Cheese Contest contenders, marked with a *.

  • Vintage Van Gogh (Roth Kase, Monroe, WI) – This is far and away the best grilling cheese of our selection, due to its melty consistency and hint of sweet caramel flavor, but not our preferred cheese for plain munching.
  • Baby Swiss (Chalet Cheese Cooperative, Monroe, WI)- Award winning Baby Swiss, with a delicate flavor and smooth texture. Also a great grilled cheese staple. Coincidentally, Chalet is the only operating Limburger factory in America. Boy, we could tell.
  • *Redstone (Natural Valley Cheese, Cashton, WI)- This is a semi-hard cheese that we found best suited for grating. It has a taste not unlike very strong Parmesan, with a tinge less saltiness.
  • *Garrotxa Muntanyola (Quorum International, Sevilla La Nueva, Madrid)- A deliciously creamy, Catalan-style goat’s milk cheese that has a nice bite, but nothing too overwhelming. Excellent with figs and crusty bread.
  • Gran Queso (Roth Kase, Monroe, WI) – Gran Queso is a domestic Manchego-style cheese. Thus, not really from Spain, but extremely tasty nonetheless. This cow’s milk cheese has a nice bite and a smooth finish. We could eat a whole block in one sitting.

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