FTC: Vosges Oaxaca Cocolate Bar

Every time I go into a Vosges Haut Chocolate store I get really scared. First, because the counter staff usually stares me down in an intimidating way, like I am a hobo who wandered in off the street. And second, because everything is delicious and expensive and I want to buy it all.

Vosges is known is for its unique ingredients, and their candy bars include anything from curry powder to bacon. However, one of my favorites is slightly less ‘out there’, the Oaxaca Bar ($6.95). The Oaxaca bar is bittersweet chocolate (75%), blended with guajillo and pasilla chile peppers. There’s definitely some heat to this bar, and you can really tell in the finish. The chocolate is dark, but not bitter and is a nod to the bitter and spicy Xocolatl, an Aztec chocolate drink. If you’re a fan of dark chocolate you will find this bar completely addictive. You can find Vosges chocolate bars at Whole Foods or at other retailers like World Market.

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