FTC: Mimolette Cheese

We like cheese. No – we love cheese. Every time I am up visiting M we buy a new type of cheese to sample. On first look, Mimolette is weird and orange (due to the coloring of Annatto) and kind of looks like a melon, but is actually quite delicious. What is interesting about Mimolette is that is has a very nutty flavor, and almost tastes like hazelnuts!

Mimolette originates in Lille, France (where it is called Boule de Lille) and is based off of Dutch Edam cheese. You can buy Mimolette in a variety of ages, the older it is, the more strong, dense and oily the cheese gets (but not in a bad way). I would recommend Mimolette alone, since its flavor is wonderful and complex and I can’t really think of what type of dish it would taste good in. On the downside, it is somewhat expensive (about $16 per pound @ Whole Foods). Teddington Cheese has some more info on Mimolette here.

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