The Eaters Meet Stephanie Izard!

We were having brunch today at Milk and Honey Cafe, a popular breakfast place in Wicker Park, when we noticed lounging in the outside seating area was none other than Chicago’s own Stephanie Izard, this season’s winner of Top Chef. Stephanie was our favorite contestant on the show from the start, and as Chicago natives ourselves we were thrilled when her innovative style and friendly, sincere personality took the top prize in the show. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity, I (M) went up to chat with her. So friendly! Immediately asked my name and said it was nice to meet me before I could even congratulate her on her win. I asked about her new restaurant, slated to open to replace her now-closed Scylla. She said there is no current location or name, but as soon as the inspiration strikes, plans will be in the works. It should be open in the Spring of 2009, and she advised that we check her website for updates.For what seems like great food from a genuinely down-to-earth celebrity, the Eaters will definitely be in line when it opens.

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