Friday Foodie Links: DIY French Pastries

So France is famous for its pastries (which we can’t get enough of). We’re not going to France anytime soon, so we figured it would be a good idea to learn how to make some treats on our own to save us the airfare. For this weeks Friday foodie link we’ve rounded up some delicious sounding recipes for some of France’s most iconic desserts.

  • Madeleines [Chez Pim] – Probably the most iconic of all French delicacies, these little shell shaped cookie/cakes are baked in a specially designed pan, and are famous for their featured role in Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past (for triggering his memory).
  • Financiers [Dorie Greenspan] – These little square, almond-flavored, half-cookie half-cakes were developed in a bakery near the Parisian stock exchange, earning them their interesting name.
  • Macarons [Serious Eats] – Completely unlike the coconutty macaroons found often in America (with 2 O’s), these elegant sandwich cookies are known to come in all colors and flavors.

We’re always up for making recipes, though we less frequently make sweet items. Looks like we’ve got some good work ahead of us!

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