FTC: Galeux d’ Eysines Squash

The culinary harbingers of fall are squash and pumpkins. I admit to getting a little overloaded on pumpkins around Halloween time (though I do like to carve them) since they get incorporated into every type of food, from ravioli to lattes. However, I have noticed this unusual squash at several farmers markets recently, and it really caught my eye. It’s called a Galeux d’ Eysines – in French Galeux translates to warty or scabby, so that’s pretty appropriate. Apparently this French heirloom variety is quite tasty and the ‘warts’ are merely cosmetic. You can even grow your own!


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One response to “FTC: Galeux d’ Eysines Squash

  1. Hi
    I grew an acre of the Galeux d’eysines squash and indeed they are VERY tasty.
    They cook up into an incredibly smooth silky bright orange, alost like baby food.

    great blog, thanks!

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