Sweden: Happy St. Lucia’s Day!

sweden_flagHappy St. Lucia’s Day! St. Lucia’s day is the day dedicated to the Sicilian martyr St. Lucy, and is traditionally celebrated in Sweden on December 13th, and represents the start of the holiday season. Like most other winter holidays, St. Lucia’s Day boasts some unique treats, especially in Sweden: saffron buns (lussekatt) and gingersnap cookies (pepparkakor). On St. Lucia Day in Sweden, a long-running tradition is that girls dress in white with crowns of candles (electric nowadays for kids) and serve their parents lussekatt, as seen in the painting below.Here are recipes to make your own pepparkakor and lussekatt, if you’d like to try.lucialarssonSt. Lucia by Carl Larsson [1908]


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3 responses to “Sweden: Happy St. Lucia’s Day!

  1. A Swede

    The light-crowns are only electric when kids under the age of 12 wear them.

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