Finer Things Club: Gjetost Cheese

norwayThis Norwegian import, (pronounced “yet-oast”) is hands-down one of the most unusual and distinctive cheeses the eaters have ever sampled. Gjetost is actually known as Brunost (literally ‘brown cheese’) in Norway. If that weren’t confusing enough, Gjetost goes by a variety of names across Scandinavia (Sweden – mesost, and Denmark – myseost). Gjetost is made from goat and cows’ milk and whey, which is boiled to a caramel brown and a soft consistency. Due to this caramelization, the cheese has a sweet, burnt sugar taste. Gjetost is commonly served sliced very thinly on top of fruit or crackers. This unusual cheese is commonly available at Whole Foods and many specialty stores. The most common variety in the US is is Ski Queen, which is found in a distinctive red package, as seen below.

flickr photo from [oknovokght]

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One response to “Finer Things Club: Gjetost Cheese

  1. Kent J

    No question it is an acquired taste. I have eaten it since childhood (chicagoan here). I find about 1 in 5 people will like it upon tasting it.
    Try it on white toast with Strawberry jam underneath (and real butter (real))!
    It is to die for.

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