Tea Tuesday: My New Kyusu

Japantp003The new eater kitchen has been stocking up with some nifty international implements lately. Following on the heels of our Molcajete from Mexico is our new Kyusu from Japan. You have probably seen a Kyusu before – it’s just the Japanese word for “teapot”. More specifically though, Kyusu usually refers to a style of clay/ceramic teapot with a single handle.

They are considered especially well-suited to brewing green tea, or Japanese sencha. Sencha is supposed to be brewed in small batches, and is well suited to these little pots. My new white ceramic Kyusu is Muji Brand [this link is in Japanese – it’s a miracle I found it…], courtesy of my cousin Lauren. Tea Nerd has a ton of  information about the Kyusu, including places to purchase them.

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