Friday Link: Ulterior Epicure’s Food Photography

themodernWe were recently alerted to Ulterior Epicure’s fabulous food photography, which is found on their extensive Flickr account. The amazing photos come  from American fine-dining restaurants like NYC’s Le Bernadin, Chicago’s Alinea and SF’s Chez Panisse along with more local spots like Philly’s Reading Terminal Market and Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. There are also a slew of gorgeous photos from food trips around the world, including Turkey, Spain and Luxembourg. There is definitely an art to taking food photos, and AE has certainly mastered it. They even went to Carniceria Guanajuato, as we have, and made the simple tacos look like fine art. We’re jealous (and hungry)!

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One response to “Friday Link: Ulterior Epicure’s Food Photography

  1. These would be amazing food photographs if the photographer was using special lighting and tripods.

    The fact that these photos are generally shot in restaurants as snapshots is even more incredible.

    Thanks for sharing his work.

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