A New Place for: Garifuna Food

garifuna_flag I know about Garifuna culture primarily through my interest in Punta music, and the food sounds equally as amazing! Garifuna culture is an Afro-Latin and Amerindian culture primarily centered in Belize and Honduras. However, short of going to Central America, I figured I would never be able to taste Garifuna food for myself. But, as this post might indicate, there’s a new place in Chicago where you do just that, Garifuna Flava (2516 W. 63rd, Chicago, IL). The food is a mixture of unique soups and stews often featuring fish, and an array of Belizean / Caribbean favorites like tostones. The Reader did a piece on Garifuna Flava, and it seemed very positive. [Update: Check out our review here]  As a bonus, the Reader has a list of other Caribbean places in Chicago

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  1. GarifunaMan

    Yes I i believe that everyone should taste some garifuna food in there life time. damn the fish sere tops the chart with it creamy coconut milk and nice plantien that fulls your stomach and leaves you satisfied . my mouth is watering just thinking about it . It garifuna food and while listening to some nice punta music is the life . I first found out some useful at this site http://www.belizesocial.com. Anyways thanks for your article since I’m part garifuna myself

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