Guest Post: Triple X Drive-In

This guest post comes to us from the ETW family, who recently visits a burger landmark in Indiana.

Triple X Drive-In
2 N Salisbury St
West Lafayette, IN

We drove right past Triple X Drive-in on our way to a women’s lacrosse game – Illinois vs. Purdue. We immediately recognized the orange and black striped building, which is unlike pretty much any diner (or building, for that matter) you’ll ever see. After the game we all agreed we had to try this place. Needless to say, it was very easy to find.

TripleExtOn the inside, it looks like the typical university burger dive. The seating is a series of 4 u-shaped counters surrounding the grill area. After a brief wait our large group (20+) was seated at the counter in separate groups. Service was fast and friendly even though all of us were wearing some form of orange University of Illinois apparel. Naturally, we all opted for burgers, many of which are named after sports stars.

TripleFrisbeeThe “Bernie Flowers All Pro” is a 1/4 lb. burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and Miracle Whip on a sesame bun. A side of fries and a pickle were included.  The “Bert Burger” is the same with bacon. General consensus was the burgers were very good – juicy and a nice, fresh beef flavor. As an added touch, the meal did not arrive in the typical basket, but was served on a bright orange Triple X frisbee. The only negative to our meal was the french fries. Although they looked perfect – crispy, not too thick or thin – they were cold. Burgers are clearly the main draw here and worth a return trip for a good meal and little piece of the college experience.

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