The Obamas: ETW Fans?

We read today, with much interest, that the Obamas chose Marcus Samuelsson to be guest chef at their first state dinner. We found this surprising, because from our vantage point he didn’t seem like the obvious choice. Samuelsson was drubbed by Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America (27-15 in the taste category – ouch) back in 2008; and we noted in October that the line at Chicago Gourmet for an autographed copy of his new book consisted only of ETW representative L, while Rick Bayless’ line stretched for blocks. The Obamas had said previously that Bayless’ Topolobampo is their favorite Chicago restaurant – so why the switch to Samuelsson? There can only be one explanation: they read our endorsement of Samuelsson’s book and work. The Obamas must be ETW fans.

Thanks, first family!

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