The Amazing 1-Minute Bread Recipe

The eaters have never made homemade bread. Well, we love to eat it, but it always seems just a little bit too intimidating to be enjoyable. It seemed so fraught with danger! However, we came upon a  bread making recipe that seemed easy enough for us to attempt. The recipe for Ciabatta comes from Lifehack – which boasts a mere 4 ingredients (Yeast, flour, water and salt), no kneading and 1 minute of prep time (8-12 hours of rising time, though). After doing some morning errands L threw together the ingredients. After the 8-hour rising we added spicy salt and olive oil to our proto-bread and waited impatiently as it baked.

The results? Not bad! Though we suspect something is wrong with M’s underheating oven – our first attempt was pretty good!

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