Pizza: Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria

Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria
8433 South Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL

Talk about old school –  this place literally defines old school. From the formica booths to the carpeted walls everything in Vito and Nick’s looks like it (probably) did in the 1960s. The restaurant itself has been turning around awesome thin crust pizzas for almost 90 years. On a trip to Evergreen Park, far away from our neck fo the woods, the eaters decided it would be the perfect occasion to try Vito and Nick’s. This restaurant has something of a legendary status in the ETW household since it has been mentioned many times by our parents over the years, but we never had been there.

We arrived at Vito and Nicks at the somewhat odd hour of 2 PM. Even then, it was full of regulars – a group of guys at the bars, and some locals chatting with the waitress. The specialty of Vito and Nicks is undoubtedly the pizza, and what we came for. We split a large thin crust pizza, 1/2 cheese, 1/2 sausage ($14.95). Vito and Nick’s specialty is a delicious cracker-like thin-crust pizza cut into squares, a style native to Chicago, though not a famous as Chicago deep dish. The pizza was delicious – just the right amount of sauce and cheese. The crust, while thin, held up to the toppings.

While most of the tables around us were enjoying pizza, the smelt fish fry was a popular choice ($8.95) – with portions so large we could scarcely believe them. The pizza lived up to the hype and we can assure you we will be back. Shag carpet and all, we understand why Vito and Nick’s has stood the test of time.

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