Brazilian Pizza in Chicago: Fogo 2 Go [closed]

Fogo 2 Go
926 W. Diversey Ave.
Chicago, IL

We are happy that there are now more non-rodizio Brazilian restaurants in Chicago. I mean having an endless array of meat skewers is good, but Brazil has so much more to offer! Right off of the Diversey El stop is one such restaurant, Fogo 2 Go. Fogo 2 Go, a tiny restaurant with a giant brick oven, specializes in fresh rotisserie chicken and a wide selection of Brazilian style pizzas (over 60 varieties). The two owners fell in love with the pizza in São Paulo and had originally opened a pizzeria there, later bringing that pizza expertise to Chicago. One obvious thing that sets Brazilian pizza apart from US pizza is an “anything-goes” approach to toppings, and not in a California Pizza Kitchen type of way. We’re talking about toppings of corn, tuna, capers, avocado slices and hardboiled eggs, all together.

The pizza menu includes dozens of selections, but any option can be customized. We went with the Frango com Catipury pizza ($17.19 for a medium, $24.69 for an extra large, $11.99 personal size), which came with rotisserie chicken, red sauce, mozzarella and a Brazilian speciality cheese, catipury that is something like Mascarpone. There are also an assortment of classic Brazilian appetizers on the menu like Kibe (yep, Lebanese kibbe), Coixinha (kind of like an excellent chicken nugget) and Pães de queijo ($3.39 for 5 cheese bread rolls – which we ordered of course).

We watched as our pizza was assembled by hand in front of us and thrown into the oven along with our pan of pães. About 10 minutes later, both our bread and pizza were ready, the the exceptionally enticing pizza was a mess of bubbly and cheesy goodness. The crust itself was crispy and held up the the mountain of cheese, and the rotisserie chicken was a revelation (new choice for a pizza topping, right?). We also thought that the brick oven firing made the pães especially delicious, but then again we have never met a pão we didn’t like.

So kudos to Fogo 2 Go. It is an unassuming but amazing place – but it turns out amazing food. As we left we were urged to come back for the back for the 1/2 chicken special, which was deemed the best in town, by two of Chicago’s finest. Maybe next time, along with our rotisserie chicken and pizza, we can also get a slice of the Prestigio Cake (cocnut and chocolate cake). Sound like a pretty good meal, no?

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