Solid Indian buffet in Madison: Maharaja

Maharaja Restaurant
6713 Odana Rd #12
Madison, WI

We are totally into Indian Buffets and long story short: this is the Best Indian Buffet in Madison! Yes we are bolding it. We have been there several times, and are never disappointed in terms of quality or selection. The price of $9.95 for the lunch buffett ain’t bad either.

The buffet is tucked away in a back room of a pretty standard, if expansive (in a banquet-hall sort of way), Indian restaurant. The last time we were there the buffet had:

  • Palak Pakora – fried spinach and onion
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Garlic Naan (Yes – we HATE when buffets charge extra for naan)
  • Masala Dosa – Indian crepe
  • Iddli – Tamil rice dumplings
  • Sambaar – Tamarind vegetable stew
  • Aloo Gobi – Spiced potatoes and cauliflour
  • Palak Paneer – Creamed spinach
  • Lamb Curry
  • Salad bar as well as soup
  • Dessert Selection: sorbets and gulab jamun

And of course we had a Mango Lassi to wash it all down.


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  1. There are buffets that charge extra for naan? Unbelievable. And I thought charging extra for rice was mildly insulting.

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