Brazil: Café e Creperia Laranjeiras

Café e Creperia Laranjeiras
Rua da Ordem Terceira, 13
Pelourinho, Salvador – BA

Located on the ground floor of the Laranjeiras Hostel, it is no surprise that this little creperie mainly attracts a steady stream of backpackers. The speciality is (unsurprisingly) crepes, but the  menu also features a selection of sandwiches and fruit drinks. Though there are many traditional crepe combinations: sweet crepes with nutella, savory crepes with cheese and mushrooms, etc. However, there are also some patently Brazilian varieties, like those filled with passionfruit, Catupiry cheese or corn. M had a Hawaiian crepe – turkey, cheese and pineapple (R$ 13), which L went for the basil, tomato, and cheese (R$ 11). We were frankly surprised at just how filling and overstuffed the crepes were for such a low price – but that was fine with us since we were extremely hungry.

Like many restaurants in the area the creperie is open to the square, where you can get some people watching and a pleasant (if faint) breeze. There is very little air conditioning in this town. Another interesting point of difference are the cool comic-book themed azulejos on the walls (POW! BAM! etc), which also completely cover the inside of the restaurant’s bathroom. It may not be Paris, but the Laranjeiras Creperie is worth a stop for any in the area looking for a reasonable and quick lunch in Pelourinho.

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