Guaranteed future review: Omar’s Peace Corps Kitchen

 Over the weekend M made a new friend, Whitney, who spent a good chunk of last year as a Peace Corps   volunteer in the Gambia. Reading her blog today, we came across her review of an apparent Banjul lunch gem: Omar’s Peace Corps Kitchen. Whitney says

Omar is a talented cook who has been friends with PC for years. His little rocket ship-shaped hut is just down the street from our offices, so its a great lunch spot, plus he’s open to learning new foods for volunteers, such as quasadillas or philly cheese steak sandwiches. He caters a lot of PC training events and makes a mean ginger chicken. 

Wait just a minute: we can feast on both West African ginger chicken AND Philly cheese steaks from the same place, while chatting with an apparently good-natured chef to boot?! Omar, looks like a trip to Banjul is in order!


Source: Whitney in Gambia

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