Chickpea flatbread from France: Socca

Socca by Chotda

We searched high and low yesterday for food related to Bastille Day, but the consensus seemed to be that pretty much anything goes. That gives us licence to highlight one of our favorite lesser known French street foods, Socca. Socca, originating in Nice, France is a flatbread made out of chickpeas. Since Nice is so close to the Italian border it is no surprise that there is an Italian version of Socca, called Farinata that is nearly identical. Given the Sicilian proclivity to chickpeas and our love of street food, it is no surprise that we are big fans of Socca. Socca is simply made out of chickpea flour and olive oil, and can be made very thin and crispy, as seen above, or can be much thicker, with toppings like a pizza. However, according to purists, in order to properly make a Socca, you need a special copper pan and a wood-burning oven.  Fortunately The Minimalist assures us that making Socca at home isn’t really too daunting of a task, and the homemade result can be as good as what you find on the streets of Nice. The ingredients really are just that simple, and Lottie and Doff ups the ante a little with the addition of rosemary. As the Kitchn points out, it is also naturally gluten-free!

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  1. I love socca! But how did you get yours to be so thin and crispy? Mine always comes out thin and flexible, like a crepe. Would luv to make crispy socca! Please share your secret.

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