Stunning International Restaurant Interior Design

The British website We Heart is arbiter of all things design-related, and we have always been impressed by their coverage of international restaurant design. Though most of the restaurants we frequent are of the hole-in-the-wall variety, we always appreciate some elegant design, and judging by the coverage on We Heart, there are some pretty innovative ideas out there. The photo above is from an ultra-modern, stark-white Cioccolato a chocolate shop/bakery in Mexico City. Another futuristic design is presented by the monochromatic Arthouse Cafe in Hangzhou, China. For a more industrial look, check out this Philly-style diner, Pat’s, in Melboourne, Australia. The photo below is of Nando’s Ashford in Kent, UK, a sister restaurant in the Nando’s chain M visited in Washington D.C. More photos of the Ashford Nando’s are available at Design Milk. For even more cool restaurant designs, check out the Lifestyle section of We Heart. For those who want to delve deeper, Dwell Magazine has an interesting post about the history of restaurant design.

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