Brazil: Suco de Clorofila (Chlorophyll Juice)

The rundown of juices available at the trifecta of Açai bars in Farrol de Barra in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil is mind boggling. However, most of the fruits in question were something we had heard of – Jackfruit, Apple, Mango, Passionfruit, etc. However, one of the juice choices stood out as something utterly bizarre and untranslatable – Clorofila. Yes, that’s Portuguese for Chlorophyll. We were completely intrigued by the idea of ordering chlorophyll juice so one day we decided we had to try it. True to name, the juice was shockingly bright green – but the taste was something completely bizarre. It tasted like a mix of bubblegum, mint, green apple and pineapple. L likened it to the fluoride foam they used to put on your teeth when you went to the dentist as a kid (remember that?). While not disgusting, I don’t think we’ll ever order it again. Unfortunately we neither turned green nor started processing sunlight into energy. We also remain skeptical – was that really chlorophyll (even if it was just used as a colorant), or just a mix of juices that are green? Our hunch is towards the latter option. So, will we ever unravel the mystery of the clorofila drink? Can you help us?

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