The Red Bees of Brooklyn

Red Honeycomb from the Red Bees of Brooklyn

Typically bees make honey from the nectar of flowers, but apparently sometimes they develop a taste for some stranger foods. Enter the red bees of Brooklyn. Some beekeepers in Brooklyn caught notice of the unusual bright red color of the bees and their honey, and sought to figure out just what the bees were consuming. As it turns out, instead of dining on the usual feast of clover and other wildflowers, these bees were eating high fructose corn syrup and red dye runoff from a nearby maraschino cherry factory. Though bright red honey is pretty cool, it is not exactly a match made in heaven, with both the beekeepers and the cherry factory not quite sure what the next step is. We love trying different varieties of honey, and we’d be curious to taste some red honey – for the first time today we even tried pumpkin honey – however, we have to report that it doesn’t taste anything like pumpkins!

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