An Afternoon “Fika”: A Sweet Swedish Coffee-break

We love daily snack rituals, and we just learned of Sweden’s tradition of Fika. Fika is analogous to British teatime, though a Swedish Fika usually comprises of coffee and a sweet snack. Apparently Fika is so ingrained in Swedish psyche that it has become both a noun and a verb (“do you want to Fika?”), and is a daily ritual honored by both young and old.  Fikabröd (“fika bread”) is the name for the sweet snacks (cookies, tarts, breads, cakes, etc.) that are part of a Fika, and there are sometimes even Fika buffets with a variety of sweet treats. If you are looking for an authentic Fika, and you happen to be in the NYC area, you can visit the aptly-named Fika Coffee Shop.

Afternoon Fika by Elisabet.S


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