ETW’s 5th Anniversary Awards

Today is Eating the World’s 5th anniversary. We’ve come a long way  in 5 years. We got married. Visited Asia, Europe and South America. Took (2) roadtrips through the Southern USA. Lived Abroad in Brazil and Portugal. One of us got a PhD, and one of us is almost done. Most of all, we have eaten a LOT of food. As of today, we’ve eaten food from 88 different countries – not even half of the total. Between all the different culinary experiences it’s been hard to nail down some favorites, but we had to give it a shot. Here they are, the winners of ETW’s 5th Anniversary Awards:

Best Meal: NEXT Sicily, including the drinks, Chicago, Illinois.

Best Service: Coffee Cop, Bangkok, Thailand.

Best Dessert: Giolitti, Rome Italy.

Best Snack: Açaí bowl, Salvador, Brazil.

Best food-related appliance (tie)Bialetti and Molcajete.

Best ambiance  Confeitaria Colombo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Best place worth the drive: Sweatman’s, Holly Hill, South Carolina.

Best Discovery: Yogurt and Honey, Greece.

Best Market: Ortigia Market, Siracusa, Italy (post coming soon).

Best Food City: Singapore.

Most fun overall experience: Getting snacks on a Brazilian beach.

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