Celebrating American Thanksgiving while Abroad

Happy Thanksgiving! Feliz Thanksgiving! This year we are spending Thanksgiving abroad in Lisbon, so we will have to miss out on the traditional feast. However, we are going to do the best we can in a country that isn’t too fond of turkey and with an oven that doesn’t exactly work. The Kitchn has tips to get back to basics and cook a simple Thanksgiving meal, which is what we will attempt. We know we will be buying a celebratory pie or tart, though (Do Pasteis de Nata count as miniature pies?)! As suggested by Farsickness, it is a good idea to check out celebrations in the area, but we are not really up for a Saturday night Thanksgiving at the Hard Rock Cafe, thus far the only option is Lisbon.  We are definitely not alone in our Thanksgiving saudade (nostalgia), Bon Appetit is also featuring stories of Americans celebrating Thanksgiving in Rome and Lebanon.

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