Brazil in Portugal: Feel Rio

Feel Rio
Rua Crucifixo 108
Lisbon, Portugal

brazilWe did not set out looking for Feel Rio – it found us while we were on our way to the iconic San Justa Elevator in Lisbon. However, when did we ever refuse an açaí bowl? Feel Rio had a traditional Brazilian lanchonete snack bar menu: açaí bowls, smoothies, salgadinhos, and some sweet snacks. There are only a few tall tables around the front of the store by the window, and it seemed to be mostly a popular takeout spot. Even beyond snacks, Feel Rio seemed to be a meeting point for the Brazilian community of Brazil, and there were flyers and postings about Brazilian businesses and events in the area.


We ordered our two favorite Brazilian snack dishes from our time in Salvador: an açaí bowl, topped with banana and granola, and a couple of pães de queijo. They made their smoothies and açaí bowls out in the open with fresh fruit, so you could definitely tell they were fresh. On the downside, the pães’ cost seemed a little steep. But to our surprise, they were excellent: a firm crust, a cheesy center, not too gluey, and warm. Potentially the best we have had outside of Brazil!  The açaí bowl, however, was more of a disappointment. It was quite sizable, and came with a topping of bananas and guarana syrup (the granola was extra). While the flavor was alright, it came out with a surprisingly grainy texture, not the milky smoothness you would expect. Perhaps too much açaí concentrate? No matter though. After our famously unsuccessful attempts at trying to recreate the açaí bowls at home, who are we to judge!


We liked that Feel Rio brought the lanchonete concept to Lisbon. Feel Rio is a perfect place for a snack, a light lanche or a juice when you are in the Chiado area. Though Lisbon may be a far cry from the beaches of a Guanabara bay, you can still pop in for your Carioca-style Açaí.

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