Portuguese Pastry Post-Doc: Fradinho

Fradinho, which means “little friar,” is a small traditional Portuguese tart filled with sweetened white beans, almonds and egg custard. In Portuguese feijãofradinho is the name for black-eyed peas, and many recipes calling for “fradinhos” are calling for this sort of bean. We think it is pretty inventive to have a typically savory item like white beans in a sweet dish. If you did not know the filling was bean-based it would not be apparent, and the fradinho has more of an overall nutty flavor. The most classic place to get a fradinho is from a cafe aptly called “Pastelaria Fradinho” in Mafra, the home city of the fradinho, right outside Lisbon.


A humble fradinho


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2 responses to “Portuguese Pastry Post-Doc: Fradinho

  1. Jane

    I have just eaten an espcialidade fradinho from pastelaria fradinho lda, Mafra, Portugal. It was delicious. Where can I buy them in England ?

  2. Wolfgang Niederl

    PASTELARIA POLO NORTE, Praça da República, 15
    2640-525 Mafra
    Call for Cidália Coelho, she’s the woman to get your Fradinho’s.
    I got 30 packs within 8 days delivery. Eurosender € 37,50.
    No way to get it in England.

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