The Mystery of Clorofila juice solved?


brazilIn Salvador da Bahia we tried a mysterious green liquid called “clorofila (chlorophyll)” at a juice bar that tasted somewhat unpleasantly like green bubblegum. However we have not been able to decode exactly what it was, or if the shocking green color was the result of a natural ingredient or dye. However we think we have decoded one of the major ingredients which would indeed give a natural green color – wheatgrass! We saw the sign below at Kice Sucos in Copacabana, which advertised Clorofila as a wheatgrass drink (broto do trigo). Though the drink we had in Bahia was surely mixed with other fruits and juices (as is advertised here), we now know why it was green. Thanks, Kice Sucos!



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2 responses to “The Mystery of Clorofila juice solved?

  1. Looks perfect for St. Patrick’s Day…!

  2. You should have tried the drink there. I stayed across the street from there and I was hesitant at first, but then I tried it and it was amazing. That was my breakfast every day.

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