A Visit to Sicily on St. Joseph’s Day

SicilySt. Joseph’s Day is one of our favorite food holidays. It is easy to see why: just look at the spread on the St. Joseph’s Day Table below. La Tartine Gourmand went to Sicily in 2012 during the Festa di San Giuseppe shared some amazing pictures of the food for St. Joseph’s Day they discovered there. The pictures are amazing, and help to give a real picture of what everyday Sicilian Cuisine is like. While we’re happy to be in Rio de Janeiro, we wish we could be in Sicily today!

St. Joseph's Day Table

St. Joseph’s/San Guiseppe  Day Table  in Sclafani Bagni, Sicily by La Tartinr Gourmand


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2 responses to “A Visit to Sicily on St. Joseph’s Day

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  2. Maria

    Wish I could make that table. My beautiful mama never did

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