Tuesday Humor Break: Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food

A friend sent us a link to the blog Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food, which describes its mission as “Documenting the phenomenon of people taking pictures of food they did not themselves cook. Food at restaurants. Food at parties. Food at backyard BBQs.”

We had a chuckle, because one day we will definitely be featured on this blog. I mean, we can barely remember the last time our trusty picture-maker did not accompany us to a restaurant. We should note that most of the featured hipsters seem to be using their phones, but we go high class with a digital camera! Like our friend in the photo above. Check out his commitment to capturing all the beauty in his fast food cheeseburger (McDonald’s?). But whatever – we do it for all our loyal readers out there! You invite us to a backyard BBQ, we will take photos of all the pulled pork. And then happily consume it all and write about it. Just for you.

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