Pańska skórka for All Saints’ Day in Poland

Pańska skórka - from Wikipedia

Pańska skórka – from Wikipedia

PolandWe are most familiar with Latin American traditions for Dia de Los Muertos / All Saints’ Day, but the holiday is also celebrated in Europe (with some similarities and differences). All Saints’ Day is a national holiday in Poland, where it is known as Wszystkich Świętych. One of the most popular treats for All Saints’ Day in Warsaw is pańska skórka which translates to “The Lord’s Crust.” Pańska skórka is a pink-and-white nougat, similar in texture to Turkish Delight, and is sold in and around cemeteries during the week of All Saints’ Day where families go to light candles (znicze) in cemeteries in honor of the deceased. In Krakow a similar candy is called Miodek Turecki, or “Turkish honey.”

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