Chicago food podcasts

Now that I (L) am commuting to work, I have been listening to many more podcasts, both in the car and on the train (where I am writing this post). I have definitely tried to broaden my horizons, and listen to as many different subjects as possible, though science and current events appear regularly (I love Radiolab, How to do Everything, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and Quirks and Quarks). However, up until a week or so ago, I had completely neglected food podcasts, and there are some great shows that focus on the food scene right here in the Windy City.

One of my favorite Chicago food podcasts is Louisa Chu and Monica Eng’s Chewing the Fat on NPR. A recent episode I particularly enjoyed talked about the highly-anticipated Eataly and the Italian food scene in Chicago. Another favorite is Michael Gebert’s audio and video podcast Sky Full of Bacon. The audio podcast, with the awesome name, “Airwaves Full of Bacon” has covered such diverse topics as the kitchen at Next restaurant, Michelin stars, charcuterie and Country ham in Kentucky. Let me know if there are any other podcasts you like (on any topic, but especially food!)

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