‘Ota ‘Ika – Tongan Ceviche

flag-tonga-flagge-rechteckig-40x60The first in our Winter Olympics newcomer series is Tonga. The sole athlete from Tonga is certainly making waves at their first Winter Olympics, the luger, born Fuahea Semi , now Bruno Banani, did not place, but by changing his name he won an endorsement deal from a German underwear manufacturer with the same name. Antics aside, we have always wanted to try Tongan cuisine, since the South Pacific has so far eluded us in culinary terms. Being an island nation, fish plays a large part in the island’s cuisine, along with other staples like coconut, sweet potato and cassava. One of the most iconic dishes in Tonga is ‘Ota ‘ika, known sometimes as “Tongan ceviche,” fish marinated in citrus and coconut milk, similar in some ways to Latin American ceviches. Since M loves ceviche, I can only assume we will be making this recipe soon. Check out recipes from Daily Dish and Radio NZ to get a good start. Are there any other Tongan recipes you would recommend?

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