National dish of Paraguay: Sopa Paraguaya

paraguay Second in our series on winter Olympic newcomer cuisines is Paraguay. The athlete representing Paraguay is an American citizen of Paraguayan heritage, Julia Marino, who competed in slopestyle freestyle skiing. One of the most emblematic dishes from Paraguay is Sopa Paraguaya, which literally means “Paraguayan Soup”, but is actually a cornbread-like dish with a light, souffle texture, rather than a dense bread. Why it is called a soup is shrouded in mystery, but it remains an extremely popular staple for holidays and weddings. Other than corn flour, primary ingredients in Sopa Paraguaya include cheese and onions. Here are some recipes from Global Table Adventure, Cynthia Presser and Bite and Booze. Cheese and carbs – this is our kind of dish. If this dish intrigues you, you should try one of our other favorite dishes from Paraguay, cheese rolls called Chipa.

 Sopa Paraguaya

Sopa Paraguaya by Javier Lastras

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