Fufu and Pâté from Togo

nav-togoThis year, Winter Olympics newcomer Togo has two athletes competing in Sochi, skiiers Alessia Afi Dipol and Mathilde-Amivi Petitjean. We were also super interested to learn that there was a sizable Togolese population in Madison, Wisconsin. Togo is a tiny country and shares a lot with its neighbors, culinary. However, in our search for some classic Togolese dishes, Pâté and Fufu. Fufu, and similar dishes are popular throughout West Africa. In Togo, Fufu is made from pounded yams, and serves as a perfect startch to accompany any meal. Pâté is similar to fufu, but is made from cornmeal. Both Pâté and Fufu are usually served with some other sort of stew or sauce. CeltNet has a nice array of some tasty Togolese entrees that would be great with Pâté and Fufu including Chicken and Peanuts and Palm Soup.

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