Los Pinarenos Fruteria: A country escape in urban Miami

Los Pinarenos Fruteria
1334 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33135???????????????????????????????

Los Pinarenos Fruteria is so atmospheric you would love to go there even if the food wasn’t any good (apparently Chase picked up on this as well). But the drinks are so delicious, it just makes us want to visit more. Right on Calle Ocho, Los Pinarenos is combination of a country farm a juice counter and fruit stand. This place made us think of all the juice bars in Brazil we used to love to visit, with their huge menus of flavor options.


Los Pinarenos has juice options in spades, and you can get everything from parsley to mamey along with more familiar fruits. You can order either a juice or a milkshake (batido) of any of the fruit flavors. There are also savory tidbits and cafe Cubano, but we never got past the fruit to try them. Every drink is made fresh to order, and from real fruit. Of course, as fun as it is to sit the counter, anyone who has ever been there will tell you the best place to sit is out back. There are a few tables out back populated usually by Cuban men in white shirts, however also holding court out back are a flock of chickens, some ornery roosters, and – the real reason to visit – the fattest pig we have ever seen.??????????????????????????????? So we first saw this pig on our first visit to Miami in January, and well…. we didn’t know if she’d still be around in February. Made into lechon, we assumed. We didn’t know if she was a pet or dinner! Turns out she is a pet, and her name is “Chucha,” and you can see her and her menagerie any day. It seems like she has a pretty content life. Case in point – we ordered two watermelon jugos one day, and Chucha got the entire watermelon rind, so we like to think we are contributing a little bit to her happiness. There is also a baby pig nearby, but you have to ask permission to see her. We’ll be back whenever we are in Miami – for the ambiance, the drinks, and to visit our favorite animals!



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2 responses to “Los Pinarenos Fruteria: A country escape in urban Miami

  1. Um…I need to go there and visit Chucha the pig stat.

  2. She’s pretty much our mascot for life.

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