Every American State’s Emblematic Dessert

You know how fond we are of dessert at ETW. Further fueling our post-lunch dessert cravings, Slate wrote a blog post picking one emblematic dessert for each state in the USA. Illinois’ chosen dessert is the Brownie, which was invented in Chicago during the 1893 World’s Fair, purportedly at the request of society magnate Bertha Palmer, who wanted a portable cake-like treat. What do you think of the dessert assigned to your state (if you are in the US)? Do you agree?

Braz Brownie A la Mode

Brownie A la Mode (In Brazil!)

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One response to “Every American State’s Emblematic Dessert

  1. The article excluded items produced by specific brands, which eliminated many Illinois based confections (twinkies, Frango mints, etc…). Plus New York’s got cheesecake already (rightfully so I think). In that regard, the best thing that would make sense for Chicago is something Chocolate-based, given our rich history and culture of making chocolates. Brownie fits the bill (although I doubt many people would associate the generic brownies with Chicago). The other candidate would be sundae; but its origin might be up for debate (like that of whoopie pies).

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