Pastry Post Doc’s Scottish Desserts: Ecclefechan Butter Tarts

ScotlandFlagYesterday we covered an emblematic English dessert, the Bakewell Tart on ETW, so today, the day on which Scotland votes on independence, it seemed only appropriate to feature a Scottish treat. The Ecclefechan butter tart’s name tells much of its story, a buttery pastry from the small Scottish town of Ecclefechan. The pastry is a short crust, filled with dried fruit, butter, sugar and eggs, with the secret ingredient of vinegar. However, their reach goes far beyond Scotland, where they are considered the predecessor for an emblematic Canadian treat, the more simply named butter tart. London Eats has a recipe for Ecclefechan butter tart, a relatively rare treat even in the UK.


Ecclefechan Tart by Richard Milnes

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