The Best Thing We’ve Eaten Recently: Croissant at Beurrage [closed]

Pain Au Chocolat
franceWe are always on the hunt for delicious baked goods, and other than the perfect macaron, one of our most elusive quests is for the perfect croissant. We have had many good croissants, but they all seem to lack the light flakiness we so desire. However, we may have just found one of our favorite croissants at a small bakery in Pilsen: Beurrage (1248 W 18th St). Beurrage is the brainchild of Jeffrey Hallenbeck, a self-taught baker, who developed the business out of a catering company. Beurrage has a variety of croissants available, from almond to chocolate to hazelnut banana to savory varieties. In a Chicago-y twist, there is even a pretzel croissant! For their generous size, we were also shocked at the reasonable prices ($3.50 for a pain au chocolat / chocolate croissant). We went with the chocolate croissant – and were completely delighted at how light and flaky it was. We’re talking shatter-into-a-million-flakes-upon-biting flaky. There was also a generous filling of dark chocolate, we hate when bakeries skimp on this, so we were in heaven. Of course, Beurrage also sells other things than croissants, like doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and danishes. However, with a croissant that good, who needs variety? We will be returning ASAP to stuff our faces with more croissant-y goodness.

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  1. I just tried to bite my computer screen. That looks SO good. I’ve been trying to master croissants at home since store-bought ones here (U.S.) are so greasy and bland.

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