Carl Larsson and the Swedish Table

sweden_flagCarl Larsson is a Swedish Arts and Crafts painter, who is known for his scenes of everyday turn-of-the-century Swedish life, and especially for depicting his own home and family. His paintings have also become associated with St. Lucia’s Day (December 13th), due to his popular depictions of the Swedish folk festival. His St. Lucia pictures include the traditional treats, but those were not his only paintings of Swedish food culture. As you can see below, the Swedish table was one of his favorite subjects.

St. Lucia by Karl Larsson

“St. Lucia” by Carl Larsson

"A Miner's Home" - Carl Larsson

“A Miner’s Home” – Carl Larsson

"At the Breakfast Table" by Karl Larsson

“At the Breakfast Table” by Carl Larsson

"The Friend from Town" by Karl Larsson

“The Friend from Town” by Carl Larsson

"Martina With Breakfast Tray" by Carl Larsson

“Martina With Breakfast Tray” by Carl Larsson

"Splitting Peas" by Carl Larsson

“Splitting Peas” by Carl Larsson

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